Sunday, 22 April 2012

weaving nylon

we went to an exhibition today by Nora Fok, who knits and weaves nylon into very delicate shapes

Her sketches and ideas

Insects made from leaves and stems and seeds

barking in a parked car

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Welsh lands

the scenic route turns out to be the long route to Snowdonia in north Wales

arriving at our small cottage high on an isolated hill, surrounded by daffodils

waking up to half a foot of snow, no electricity and no heating-but it was so nice
Poppy and her question mark in the snow

cooking spaghetti bolognese in the fire

we woke up the next morning to bright sunshine against the bright snow

driving down to the beach where the storm has washed up hundreds of starfish and razorfish

the electricity reappeared on our last evening and we enjoyed hot baths, then cleaned and cooked the mussels we had collected on the beach

-eating cereal in the car on the way home